Varla is a seating element conceived from a primary hexagonal shape, cut and decomposed: the hexagon is divided in two, generating the forms of seat and backrest, which, by turning through 180°, rejoin in a single and always different element, depending on the point of view.

The aim of the design was to counteract the static nature of the sitting dynamism to the propulsion of the object on which you sit, in a public space.

We stop to rest, to wait, to think, to reflect, to elaborate the next move, to take a breath and start more quickly.

Varla transforms itself into a spring for those who use it. With its lines leaned forward wants to transmit stimulation to progress, a design that welcomes the break, but immediately defies immobility.

Net plans cutting each other, like the facets of an asymmetrical diamond, have been conceived to make the most of the properties of a material such as Corian® Deep Nocturne. Its rich black takes on multiple nuances playing with light the light caressing its surfaces.

All plans follow two main directions that converge towards the tip of Varla that leans forward to cross the future. 


[in collaboration with michbold]